Sufi Spiritual Thought

Sufi spiritual thought is based on trying to achieve a station of nearness to God (Allah), or enlightenment. This station can be variously associated with states such as ecstasy, inner peace and self-realization. The big questions are simple: how and why to get from what you are today, to this station? For many people this…

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Sufi Mysticism and Spiritual Healing

Mystic or Gnostic ideas tend to be somewhat similar across religions, which is not very surprising. They all encourage a direct experience of nearness to God (Allah), and use a variety of guidance and religious practices to get there. This inner experience is a “state”, however a “station” is a more permanent affair, the highest…

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Sufism and Islam

Islam was initiated by the Prophet Mohammed (peace be upon him) who lived in Mecca and then Medina from 570/571 – 632 CE. He left the Koran (recitation), Sunnah (his example) and Sahaba (his companions, who he trained). In Arabic, a Muslim is simply “one who has surrendered to God (Allah)” or “has found peace.”

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The Sufi Path to Spiritual Knowledge

Sufi Path Group - Maintenance

In common with other mystic or gnostic ways, the Sufi path to spiritual knowledge is followed by a community of people who seek a state of inner peace and nearness to God (Allah), or enlightenment. Sufism springs from the heart of Islam, and this sacred knowledge has been passed in an unbroken chain

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